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Armoured Car Staying Safe in Unsafe Conditions

In this highly volatile world, politicians, government officials, and celebrities are always the soft target of the anti-social elements and terrorist. Technological developments have made weapons even more deadly. Hence whether it’s for the vehicle or for the important personnel’s, it has made it necessary to have proper armoring.

Hence, important personnel’s have changed the way of their traveling, Instead of traveling in large contingent they now prefer to travel in armoured car like bulletproof vehicles. Thereby, one can see a huge demand of bulletproof vehicles in the car manufacturing industry.

armoured car

Why Armoured Vehicles?

Armored vehicles are designed in such a way that safety of the occupants is the foremost priority for the vehicle. Basically, the vehicles are designed in such a way that it provides maximum protection to the occupants or objects from any kind of assaults.

Most importantly, it can be said that an armoured car can help VIPs to celebrities, retailers to ambassadors and even high-profile politicians to receive highest possible level of security and safety.

One might think that the police officers and military officials can keep them protected during any tense situation. But it might not be so. But by taking the help of a bulletproof vehicle, one can easily gain a safe passage from any high-risk situation. They can be even used for rescuing hostages and can also deal with counter terrorism.

How The Armoured Vehicles Can Help People To Stay Safe?

Attacks on the cars of the important personnel are a very common issue all over the globe. The car can be sabotaged or hijacked while on its way to a desired location. That’s why it is very important to take the help of armored vehicles. The material that goes into the making of the car and its highly sophisticated features make it possible to keep the occupants protected inside the car. Take a look how an armoured car can protect the occupants from any situations.

Bodyarmoured car

The materials that goes into the designing of the car makes it armored. The whole body of the car is made up of stainless and galvanized steel.  The steel is hardened and subjected to heat treatment so that it can withstand any assault and corrosion. In fact, depending on the level of resistance, the armoring is provided.


The windows of many armoured vehicle is not only tinted but also made bulletproof. The tinted shades are kept in order to provide a level of privacy to the occupants and avoid prying eyes of the public.

The glasses that are used in the cars are ballistic resistance and can easily withstand any kind of ballistic assaults. The glass usually features a layer of glass mixed with optical plastic which makes it bullet resistant.


An attack on your car with a rifle shot can result in the tires getting hit. Thus, it can lead to the tires getting flat. But the tires of an armoured car is designed in such a way that it can even run on flat tires.

The aforementioned features make it completely safe for a person to travel in a bulletproof car in any unsafe situations. Travel in them and have complete peace of mind. Check these amazing armored cars around the world.

History of limousines and limo companies

Limousines are known to be one of the grandest ways of travelling on the road. A luxurious limo ride is usually associated with a rich celebrity walking out in a fancy suit or some politician with many armed guards. A common sight of custom limo is also seen in wedding occasions and big corporate meetings. In the modern times, this myth of limousines still associated with rich people has faded away rapidly and more and more common people now hire a limousine for travelling. With so much competition in the ground transportation industry especially with the arrival of uber, getting a limo at a competitive price from any limo company has now become easier.

Limousines were primarily known to carry famous music band and their equipment in the early nineteen century. The first initial custom limo that was designed had a separate compartment for the driver. Slowly as designs began to take a more modern touch, the compartment slowly shifted inside and was separated to give maximum privacy to the celebrity riding in it. Limousines in Toronto became associated with many high profile celebrities and famous political figures as its popularity grew.

livery limo company

Many companies saw the opportunity to expand the limousine business and more and more corporate executive’s began the demand of limousine services as it started making an instant impression. Now in these modern times, custom limo rentals are also used to travel for any occasion and any person. Some of the most common limo rental services are as follows:

  • Airport Transportation: Going to the airport can be one of the biggest hassles and one of the best ways of resolving all driving woes are to rent limousines. The chauffeur will ensure that you reach on time to the airport or be ahead of time if you are arriving to the city.
  • Prom nights: High school students look forward to impress their class mates by arriving in a stylish limo wearing all their fancy clothes. It is their last big night and they want to make the perfect impression.
  • Night outs: you can surprise your loved ones in a night out service and tour your fav city around. Night out limo services are also a great way of impressing your visiting guests and family members.
  • Bachelor Celebrations: Custom limo are the perfect vehicles for bachelor celebrations. The driver will take care of all the driving hassles while you have a fabulous night celebrating your last few single life moments

Limousines are one of the best ways to travel around the city and impress your incoming visitors. You can also book your limousines in advance and get a good price. Many companies also offer custom packages for special occasion to enlighten up the occasion. Don’t wait and book a limousine now to add glitz and glamor to your special day!